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Step by Step Guides

Senior Year Magazine Model Release
How To Deliver High Resolution Images With Share.MyPhotoApp
How To Create A Magazine Flip Book App
How To Save An App As A Template
Quick Setup - How To Setup Your Brand And Color Scheme
How To Get Started With MyPhotoApp

Customising & Setting Up Your MyPhotoApp Account

How To Update Your Existing HTTP Custom URL to HTTPS
How To Update Your Existing HTTP Custom URL to HTTPS
Setting Up A Twilio Account
Setting Up The CRM Module
White Glove Service
New Domain & Website Hosting
The INDEX app
Setup Tab - User
Create A New Brand
Brand SEO Settings
The Logo Section
Postmark - Sending Emails From Your Email Address
Setting Up A Custom URL For Your Apps

Getting Started - The Basics

How to rearrange the order of images in a gallery
The Follow Button Section
Contact Buttons Section
Share Buttons
Copyright Section
Working With App Templates
Browser Cache Refresh
Adding A Facebook Page or Messenger Contact Button
Clipboard - Copy Section To Other Apps and Across Brands
The Image Section
How To Change The Order Of Buttons
The App Creation and Distribution Process
Text Section
How To Set Custom Colors
Customizing Button Color
Ken Burns Gallery Layout
How To Password protect an App
Using Drag and Drop to Organize Apps, Folders, Images and Sections in the Builder
Rename, Duplicate (make copy) or Delete An App
Computer Width Of App
How to add a text button
How to use the gallery slider or slideshow option
How to load a shared template
How do I add spacing above or below a section?
How To Upload Images With Best Quality
Various Link Types
Info Request Shared Template
Using An App As A Template
How To Add An SMS Contact Button
The Gallery Section
How to Change Your Brand Logo

Pro Features & Tools

Senior Year Magazine Model Release
Senior Year Magazine Model Release
Senior & Teen Year Magazine Model Release
How To Save A Form Submission As A PDF
Model Release Form
How To Add A Signature Field To A Form
How To Center HTML Content
Photo Contest Section
How To Add A Scheduling Option To Your App
Text Table Section
Saving Images From Form Submissions
How To Add A PayPal Cart Button
The Menu & Menu Link Section
Tracking Section
HTML Section
The Form Section
The Contact Form
Working With The Markdown Section
HTTPS Support
How The Model Release App Works
Stripe Integration
Welcome Section
Action Section
Adding Pages to an App
How to add a Facebook Like Button to your App
A/B Split Testing
Loyalty Program Section
Two Column Section
Primary Button Section
Pricing Table Section
Parallax Section
Redirect App to New Location
The Title Section
Document Section
How To Move A Section
Page is visible when I want it to be invisible.
Shopping Cart Section
Grid Section
SEO Section
PayPal Integration
Disable Right Click
How To Add A Picture To A Form
How To Use The New Notes Section
How To Add A PDF Document Using The PDF Section
Rename Brand
How To Add A Count Down Timer
Automatic Watermarking Of Gallery Images
Where Do Form Submissions Go?
How To Add A Google Map

Elite Sections & Tools

App Template Section
Content Section
Checklist Section
Using The IPS Order Gallery
Using The IPS Proofing Gallery
Using The IPS App
Fixed Background Image
Slideshow Section
Dynamic Text Section
Dynamic Gallery Section
Javascript Section
Pop-up Section
IPS Section
Facebook Section
Menu+ Section
Group Section
The Hero Section
The Redirect Section
Right Click Section
Separator Section
Font Section
The New Columns Section
Button Section

Sharing Apps

Unable to save App to Home Screen on Android mobile devices
Unable to save App to Home Screen on Android mobile devices
How To Add a Download Our Contact Info Button
How To Add a Share to LinkedIn Button
How To Prevent Anyone From Accessing An App
How to Add an App to your Computer Desktop
QR Code
The Importance of Social Media
Templates Tab - How to list your templates in the Template Bazaar
Oops - we can not find your app. Please contact the App Creator for help.
Shared Template Permissions - sharing apps with other users
How To Add An Install App Button
How to Add a Whatsapp Button
How To Add A SnapChat Button
What happens to a published App when I make changes?
How Do My Clients Download & Share An App?
Sharing A Single Image
Public vs Private Apps
Can clients view apps offline?
Can clients print or download images from their app?
How Do I Share Apps With My Clients?
How To Save An App On A Kindle Fire
How To Download a Gallery Image on an iPhone
MPA App Directory - Access All Your Apps From Mobile Devices
How to add an app to an iPhone or iPad homescreen
How to install (add) an app to an Android homescreen

Do More - Advanced Tools

How To Add An App URL In Instagram & in Instagram DM
How to Add A Direct message button For Twitter
Popup Text
How To Download All The Images In A Gallery
How To Turn Album Spreads Into Gallery Images
How to Mirror Your Screen
Music From Library Section
Music You Upload Section
Lock Button
Password Protect A Section or Page
Improve SEO by Adding Captions To Images
How Can I Make A Background Image Appear To Scroll?
How Do I Add Music To My App
Synchronize Folders and Galleries
Show Liked Images
How To Use MyPhotoApp As A Proofing System
Setting App & Section Backgrounds
Form Auto Reply Emails
Form and Mailchimp Integration
Video Section
How To Add A Custom Button
How To Copy Or Migrate Apps To Another Brand

Sales Tips and App Usage Ideas

Creating Squeeze and Lead Pages With MyPhotoApp Course
App Ideas - Sample Apps To spark your creative juices
The Importance Of Getting Apps In The Hands Of Your Clients
Supercharge Your Model Rep Program
Network Marketing
How Cook Designer Portraits Sells The App

Creating Multi-Page Apps & Mobile Websites

How To Use & Understand Page Sections
Is Every App A Mobile Website?
Websites, Pages and Menus
Directory Section
How To use an App as your mobile website instead of your regular website

Creating Apps For Third Party Vendors

How to create an app for another business (custom branding)

Knowledge Base - Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I Access The MyPhotoApp Builder?
GDPR and MyPhotoApp
Where Has The iFrame Section Gone?
Setting An App Expiry Date
Disable Form Emails
How Do I Add A Link To A Logo Section?
Unpublish An App
Support Channels
Can I Send Push Notifications?
Troubleshooting - Help I Can't Find My App!
Can I Add High Quality Photo to an App For My Clients To Download?
Can I edit and make changes to Apps after I have published them?
Favorite Images
Share Buttons Not Working
Is it possible to link to a page in an app?
Form Client Reply Email Not Being Sent
Unable to Upload Images
Button icons won't change color
Facebook Cache Reset
Images in a gallery are displayed out of order when using Block layout
Facebook Icon Is Blank
How do I disable the prompt to add to the homescreen
How do I delete an App?
Display file names (numbers) on gallery photos
I changed the App Icon, but it doesn't change on the device
Is there a way to share an image to Instagram?
Is there a limit to the number of photos I can load into an app?
How To Delete A Brand
Digital Image Protection
Is it possible to disable the download image sharing option?
Should I logo, brand or watermark my images?
How do you add a link to a Gallery Image?
My Images Look Pixelated ... Fuzzy .. Blurry
How can I link to a Page section using a text link?
What resolution or size should I make my images?
The icon image does not appear on an Android device
AreThe Apps My clients Have Installed Updated When I Make Changes?
My app doesn't work when not connected to the Internet
Install Pop Up Not Being Displayed
How do my clients share with the share buttons?

Subscriptions, Accounts & Referrals

How To Cancel Your Subscription
Why Elite?
Expired Subscriptions & Apps
How To Cancel PayPal Monthly Subscription
Can I log in to the Builder on multiple Computers at the same time?
Upgrade Subscription
Terms Of Service
MyPhotoApp API
How do I delete or cancel my account within the first 30 days and get my refund?
How do I renew or upgrade my subscription?
Cancel Anytime Policy
Will installed apps work if I don't subscribe after the 7 day free trial expires?
What Are Brands?
How Does MyPhotoApp Compare To Sticky Albums?
How Do I Reset My Password?
Subscription Levels: Professional and Elite Licenses Overview
Does my account auto-renew and my credit card get charged automatically?
Is it really Unlimited Apps and Unlimited Images?
Lifetime Hosting Policy
How to change your login password, email or name
Referral Program and Account Credits

Builder Help Notes

Builder Tab - Regular Features
Builder Tab - Basic Features
Builder Tab - Elite Features
Undelete A Section
Regular Expressions
Forms Tab - Filter Help
Builder Tab - Gallery Help
Apps Tab - Filter Help
Builder Tab - Professional Features
Builder Tab - Form Help
Builder Tab - App Navigator
Builder Tab - Apps
Builder Tab - App Settings
Builder Tab - Photo Trash
Builder Help - App Icon
Builder help - Publish Section
Builder Tab - Visual Design Section
Builder Tab - Layout Sections Help
Builder Tab - Layout Help
Custom Sections


Social Media Stats Info Graphic
Color Connotations
Video Training
Global Digital Stats 2017
App and Section Backgrounds
Brand Set Up & Colour Scheme Table

CRM & Workflow

Workflow - stay organised with MyPhotoApp
Setting Up a Free Mailgun Account
CRM & Form Integration
CRM Default Notification Messages

Easy Builder