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Various Link Types

By Kim Dixon, MyPhotoApp Training Guru

Created: October 25, 2015, 2:34 am UTC
Last updated: June 4, 2019, 1:08 pm UTC

The link field can be found in the section settings menu of any of the sections that permit an action to happen once the content in the section is pressed.  For example, you can press a button or image and it will go to whatever the link points to - another section, page or App, a web page, open a form, submit a form or send an email, or open up a page or different section in the App.   

You type the syntax into the link field depending on what kind of action you want to happen. 

The new Contact & Follow Buttons sections use the syntax brand- followed by the type of contact or social media account to automatically add the relevant details entered in the brand quick set up menu. The syntax will only work IF the contact or account information has been entered in the Brand Quick Setup.   Here are examples of the syntax to link directly to the  information in the Quick Setup menu: 

Contact options

    - links to the email in the Quick Setup 

   - links to the telephone number in the Quick Setup 

      - links to the Text phone number in the Quick Setup 

Social media Accounts

brand-pintrest    -  links to the Pinterest ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-twitter      -  links to the twitter ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-facebook   -  links to the facebook ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-linkedin     -  links to the linkedin ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-instagram  -  links to the instagram ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-snapchat   -  links to the snapchat ID in the Quick Setup 

brand-website     -  links to the website URL in the Quick Setup 

brand-blogsite     -  links to the Blogsite URL in the Quick Setup 

  If you are using the contact or follow buttons sections and do NOT want to use the information in the brand Quick Setup, perhaps because you are building an App for a 3rd party, you can simply delete the brand- syntax and replace it with the syntax for the contact or account information you wish that particular button to use. 

Sharing Apps
The share button section comes with 5 default share button with the syntax already inserted so all you need to do is add the section:-

Twitter      -
Pinterest    -
Facebook   -
email          -  mailto:?body=%URL%
SMS           -  sms:&body=%URL%

You can also add custom Share buttons for example:-

Whatsapp   -  whatsapp://send?text=%URL% When you try to save a button with this link you will probably get a link not recognised warning but don't worry this is the right link so just close the warning dialog and click save.  
Linkedin     -

Here are some Examples of the Syntax you can use for various link types: 


Send an email: 

Send an email with subject: 

Send an email with subject and body: 

Call on Telephone: tel:800-555-1212 

Send a Text Message: sms:800-555-1212 

Send a Facebook message: 

To email contents of notes section:  sendnotes:email subject 

To share the App by WhatsApp:  whatsapp://send?text=%URL%  When you try to save a button with this link you will probably get a link not recognised warning but don't worry this is the right link so just close the warning dialog and click save.  

Display Content

To Toggle a Section: toggle:label-of-section (this will toggle the visibility of a section on or off) 

To navigate to and show a section or page:  show:label of section/page 

To show a section or a page when a password is entered:  show:label,password  (This will let you password protect a section or a page.  The user will be prompted to enter the password before the page is shown). 

To show Liked Images: show:likedimages 

To show a Web Page or other App: 

Open a webpage in a new window:  newwindow: 

Open a webpage in the current window:  currentwindow: 


To navigate to the previous page:  back 

To display the default install dialog:  show:installdialog 

To display a text or markdown section as a popup:  popup:label-of-section 

To display content as a popup:content:name-of-content 

For popup, you can change the popup title by adding ,,title of popup.   For example:  popup:label,,title 



To download Gallery Images as Zip file:  downloadGallery:gallerylabel 

To download a file uploaded as a Resource:    download:http://url-of-file 

Downloads will ONLY work on browsers other than Safari and Internet Explorer.  For Safari (IOS devices) and IE browsers, a new window will open instead.   This is a current limitation of the browsers and once they come up to HTML5 standards, then the download feature will also work for these browsers. It's, therefore, a good idea to add some text to instruct users to make sure they have opened the app in an alternative browser, such as chrome if you wish to utilize the download feature in an App. 


Dynamic Sections

To add an image to a dynamic gallery or add text to a dynamic text section:   add:label 

To refresh a dynamic gallery or text section:  refresh:label 



To open the app lock dialog:  lock 

To copy text to the clipboard: copytoclipboard:text-to-copy 

To Submit Liked Images: show:label of the submit liked images e-form

To Submit a Form:  submit:formlabel   the label of the form entered in the other setting 


If you put %URL% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the app. if you put %ICON% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the icon image.