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What Are Brands?

By Kim Dixon, MyPhotoApp Training Guru

Created: April 18, 2015, 12:25 pm UTC
Last updated: February 13, 2019, 12:55 am UTC

When you signup for MyPhotoApp  a  Default Brand is created using the business name you entered on your registration form.   It is not possible to edit the Brand name, so if you wish to use a different brand name simply go to the setup tab and brands and add a new brand with your preferred name and delete the unused default brand - you must delete any Apps you have already created to delete a brand. The new brand will become the default.  Brand names are only available if no one else has already chosen that name. 

Most people will only need one brand, but if your business has distinctly separate genres  or perhaps you have more than one business with different social media, emails or even websites it  makes sense that you would also want to have different brands for your apps to logically separate them according to the area of work. 

For example I have one brand for my main portrait business Inspirations Photography and another for the Boudoir side of the business with a different color scheme, logo and social media information.

MyPhotoApp Brands allow you to separate and organise apps where you want to have a different default color scheme, contact information, logo or social media accounts linked to it.  Separate Brands also means you can have separate custom URL's for each.  You can think of a Brand in the same way as a folder or directory on your computer which stores your apps and automatically applies certain attributes to new apps based on the Brand Quick Setup information.

For each MyPhotoApp Brand you create, you can have unlimited Apps.  By default Apps will use the Brand information entered in the Brand Quick Setup for contact, color scheme, logo  and social media accounts but you can choose to to have a custom look for an individual App by creating a custom color scheme and even add a different logo and contact info.

This also allows you to easily create apps for third parties which can be "Branded" with their logo, color scheme and contact info.  if you regularly create third party apps you may even wish to create a new brand just for this aspect of your work and could even add a custom RL for a vanity URL for that side of your business.   If you intend to build lots of apps for a particular business  you work with you may create a custom MPA brand with their information just for their apps. 

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